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  • Helping Guests

    Couples are putting many individual and unique touches on their wedding day. Traditions and predictability, along with “wedding rules”, have sometimes gone out the window, so if you can relate to this description and throwing an original twist into your event (which we hope you are!), here’s a few ways to help your guests navigate …

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  • I’m Happy, But Stressed

    Hey!  Congratulations on your engagement!  We couldn’t be happier for you!  What?  Feeling stressed?  No surprise there…you are in the midst of an incredibly happy time, but big events like this can create such a pool of details that you may feel like you’re drowning in them.  Though wedding dresses are our specialty, let us …

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  • Centerpieces

    The good news is that the possibilities are endless!!  The bad news is that the possibilities are endless!!!  Go ahead…let your imagination run wild.  The more different and unusual the centerpiece, the more you’ve just distinguished your wedding from the last.  Here’s a few basic idea starters: Make sure you fully communicate your theme and color …

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  • Gown Preservation Puayllup, WA

    Preserve It!

    Your wedding day was EVERYTHING you could have hoped for – full of pure joy, celebration and beautiful moments, and it’s a day you wish you could relive over and over again. And, darling, your gown was perfect, and so loved…and now it’s a treasure that you want to cherish forever. We can help you …

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  • Cost Saving Reception Ideas

    If you begin this article with the hopes that it condones “hiring” your family and friends to replace professional wedding vendors, you will be sorely disappointed.  Nothing replaces seasoned professionals to handle the details of your wedding day…not even saving money.  Some things are just too important to skimp on, and your wedding day with …

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  • Private Appointment | New Beginnings Bridal Puyallup WA

    Now Offering VIP Private Appointments!

    VIP Private Appointments: We’re so excited to officially launch our VIP Private Appointment bridal experience at New Beginnings Bridal Studio! These exclusive 90 minute appointments allow you and your entourage the opportunity to have the entire store to yourselves free of distractions of other customers during a time that we would normally be closed. You …

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  • “Extra” Guests

    Ok, here’s one for you!  For months now you have meticulously planned your wedding with a specific guest count in mind.  You have carefully printed each name on each invitation, and allowed for your single guests to bring an extra (or maybe even two!).  When the RSVP’s are tallied, somehow the count is larger than what …

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  • Fun Facts…History of the Cake

    We know you’ve been dying to know, so here’s a few fun facts behind the wedding cake! In ancient Rome, the first bites of a wheat cake were eaten by the couple, and the remainder crumbled and tossed over the bride’s head like a rain of flour.  Apparently this was a fertility rite believed to guarantee …

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