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Avoidng “Bridezilla”

You know…the ever-dreaded label… “Bridezilla”.  No one wants that name following them,and frankly, there are really not as many of those types as you may think.  We all have our moments, but usually those are reserved for a few select individuals we trust (the lucky ones!).  We want you to be as beautiful on the inside as …


Wedding Inspiration Boards

At New Beginnings Bridal Studio, we are always looking for great tools to make our bride’s wedding planning experience easy and enjoyable.  Let’s talk about the most famous planning website…Pinterest. What CAN’T you find there?!  If it’s not on Pinterest, it probably doesn’t exist!  There are so many creative geniuses in this world…how lucky we …

Shower Ideas

Unique Shower Themes

Being in the bridal biz, it seems we hear weekly about a different themed shower for the lucky bride or couple.  If you are the planner of the shower, all you have to do is scan Pinterest, and your imagination is fueled with hundreds of interesting party ideas! Here are a few we’ve heard about. …


Will It Be Cake?

  Tasting wedding cakes is one of the best parts about planning a wedding. Isn’t it awesome that bakers invite you into their shops just to serve you cake?! The thing is, traditional wedding cakes use to be the staple of the reception…but no longer!  Couples are finding that there are more options for wedding …

The Proposal

The Proposal

Back in the day (well, 33 years ago, that is) it was rare to hear of elaborate proposals.  These days, it seems, it’s not a proposal unless there’s been an intricate string of events and schemes that go into popping the question!  One of the favorite parts of our job is hearing the creativity invested …


Hot Off the Runway – Spring 2017

By now, bridal shops are well stocked with the Spring 2017 gown samples.  Here are a few of the trends and classics you’ll be seeing in your shopping quest this spring! More Separates…    These dresses from Maggie Sottero and MoriLee would actually not be found in their Separates Collections, but in their Gown Collections …

Bridal Shower Bouquet

Fun Facts – The History of Engagements

Engagements have always been about a time of preparation for the bride and groom.  There is so much to be decided…wedding details, where to live, meeting new families and so on.  Here’s a few fun facts on cultural customs and historical backgrounds that may help either shed some light or make you thankful times have changed!. …

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Let’s Talk Money

Wedding celebrations involve an incredible amount of discussions and decisions for couples to make…it becomes the primary focus during the engagement.  But here’s what happens to most couples according to the experts:  finances beyond the wedding day are rarely, if ever, discussed.  This is one of the single most important subjects that requires attention.  Finances have …

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The Engagement – Gifts

A ring is not necessary to be engaged, but that’s the tradition!  So, most likely the only engagement gift from your fiance is your ring, which truth be told, is the best gift ever!  Once in a while, a groom might decide to give their fiances an additional gift of jewelry, but he usually presents it …

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Wedding Inspiration Galleries

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