Hot off the Runway…Fall 2014

If you’re a bride with a wedding date of early 2015 and beyond, you’re certainly in for some eye candy!  These beautiful gowns pictured are just a few that are featured in the Fall 2014 lines from designers of Maggie Sottero and Sottero & Midgley.  But whatever the brand, this upcoming season can be described with these following words:  illusion, straps, color and beading! 

“Illusion” because of the delicate fabric necklines, lace overlaid straps, deeply cut netted backs and trains that flow softly past their lining.  The word “straps” because they come in such an array of options; thin spaghetti to high neck cap-sleeves, laces of soft romance to heavy vintage, and beading  consisting of transparent sequins, Swarovski crystals and exquisite pearls used individually or in combination with one another.  When we say “color”, we’re not talking about bright pops of it, but of oh-so-subtle shades of champagnes, light golds, pewters and blushes.   And “beading” comes from the most intricate patterns of beautiful artistry imaginable to the gorgeous simplicity of a soft shimmer.

So keep tuning back and checking in…these styles will begin trickling into the store throughout the summer months.  Give us a call when you’re ready to take in all the loveliness up close and personal.  We can’t wait to help you make one of these beauties your own!

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Limiting the Besties

Gown shopping day has arrived!!  You’ve scheduled an appointment at the best place (like NBBS!), are accompanied by your most favorite people and have your research materials in hand.  You are all excited about the process and can’t wait to make your dream a reality.  So why is it that when you get three to four dresses into your appointment you are suddenly struck with an overwhelming feeling of dread to have to show another gown to the people in your company and the joy of the experience has ended up in the pit of your stomach?  It is unfortunate, but we’ve seen this happen way too many times in our line of work.  Let us share a few hints with you so that you can avoid this sad scenario.

First and greatest of all, consider wisely who you invite to come shopping with you.  You are the only one who can honestly evaluate the people who will be most beneficial to you as you seek to find the most important piece of wardrobe you will ever own.  All of your family and friends love you, but not all of them are suitable companions for this mission.  Let’s face it…some of the females in our circle have a few characteristics that, if looked at truthfully, should disqualify them from your gown shopping excursion.  If there’s too much noise coming at you in the form of selfishness (I want to see you in…), strong opinions (I think you should…), criticism (you really don’t look good in…), how are you ever going to be able to focus on the wedding day look of YOUR dreams?   It’s a question of those that will support you and your thoughts, goals and visions…those that have your interests at the forefront, and offer thoughts only when the request comes from you. 

Trust us when we say bring no more than three, and you know who they are.  They are your most trusted, your closest confidants and your biggest cheerleaders.  They know you inside and out, want to help you succeed in your plans and can always be counted on…come what may.  If someone feels left out, they’ll get over it.  This special shopping day is YOURS and YOURS ONLY.  The goal is making YOUR visions come to life for the day YOU marry YOUR best friend.  It’s really the only time anyone gets to say that, so don’t feel guilty…take pleasure in this day…the day YOU find THE DRESS!

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Is That “Deal” Really Worth the Cost?

Come on…you know you’ve heard it and maybe even considered it…Your good friend just got a new camera and is tossing around the idea of a wedding photography business, so he’ll shoot your wedding at no cost for his “portfolio”.  A sister-in-law just got married, is very organized and finds awesome Pinterest ideas, so that must qualify her to be a wedding planner…and she’s free!  The gal at work has a cousin who bakes cupcakes on the weekends and will give you a screaming deal for your reception.

Everyone likes to save money and come across a bargain, so why wouldn’t we take someone up on the “great offer” they will give us for a service needed at the wedding?  Here are some thoughts on that question:

  • First and foremost, consider what occasion you are celebrating.  IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event.  You’ve been dreaming and envisioning this day for many months (at the very least).  You’ve been planning how to make this day perfect for you, your fiancé and guests.  The words “second-rate” (or third or fourth) and “amateur” should not be in your vocabulary or thought process when planning for THIS day.
  • Professionals are called professionals for a reason.  They are experienced, passionate, and exceptional at what they do.  They come highly recommended by clients and business piers alike, and can be depended upon to provide the highest quality end product.  These are the people you want to employ…the ones whose sole purpose is to ensure that your day of days is just what you hoped it would be.  That right there is worth every penny!
  • Think about this:  what happens when good friend with the camera gets sick, sister-in-law was offended so dropped the ball or co-workers cousin decided to go on vacation at the last minute?  Who then gets to scramble for a “Plan B”?  YOU…THE BRIDE!  Things like this really do happen…more than you could ever imagine.  Professionals can get sick, but always have first class back-ups.  They may not personally favor your idea, but will make it happen to meet your expectations (or exceed them in most cases).  There’s no such thing as a professional “forgetting” or pulling a no-show.  That couldn’t possibly be worth the free/cheap price tag.

Family and friends love you.  That’s why they will do what they can to help you at your wedding.  You love them in return, so why not just let the most special people in your life come and do what you invite your guests to do…help you CELEBRATE your marriage, ENJOY the surroundings, and MAKE LIFELONG MEMORIES!

Your New Beginnings Bridal Studio Team


5 More Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You

By Alan Berg

In my article for the last issue I shared 5 Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You, with some of the things that you and I, as guests, have experienced at other people’s weddings and events. You know, the things we say as we’re leaving, or when recounting the tales of the affair to those who weren’t there.

In case you missed it, here’s the summary (you can find the entire article on page 101 in the Fall 2013 issue of Beautiful Bride Magazine):

1)      Your guests won’t thank you for making your Mom, sister, best friend or maid of honor work on your wedding day.

2)     Your guests won’t thank you for making them wait while you take pictures.

3)     Your guests won’t tell you that you put way too many things on your wedding registry.

4)     Your guests want to see, and hear your ceremony. Ask them to stay in their seats so everyone else can see.

5)     Your guests won’t thank you for hiring the cheapest wedding vendors.

I had so much good input for the first article that I wanted to continue it here. So, here are 5 More Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You:

1)      The music was too loud for conversation. We know that it’s usually the older folks who would complain about the noise, but truth be told, everyone wants to be able to have a conversation. If you hire the right band or DJ, and they know your venue well, they’ll be able to ensure that your guests will be able to have a conversation at their tables, even while the dance floor is packed.

2)     I came here to see the two of you, not the people at my table. While it can be tough with a larger guest count, everyone there came to see you, the happy wedding couple. It’s your role to be gracious hosts & hostesses and make sure that your guests are acknowledged for attending and having a good time. Even a receiving line is a way for them to get a moment of face time with you.

3)     Not sending thank you cards, it’s just rude – Wow, I heard this from a few people. People who have gone to the trouble of sending you a gift, whether they attended your wedding or not, whether it was off your registry or not, need to be properly thanked. No one is obligated to send you a gift because you got married. Sending a thank you note (preferably a hand-written one that’s personal) is a very nice, and very classy touch.

4)     There were way too many speeches… What’s that you said? I’m sorry, I tuned out. Let the best man and maid of honor make their speeches. Mom & Dad and other close friends and relatives should give their speeches at the rehearsal dinner. Most of the guests won’t get the inside jokes and it puts a real damper on the mood and energy to have your guests sit through endless toasts.

5)      Thanks for not thinking about the comfort of your guests during the ceremony. This is especially true for outdoor ceremonies scenarios, having your guests sitting in the blazing hot sun without fans for a 45-60 minute ceremony. Consider not only the time of year, but also how long your guests will be waiting for the ceremony to start. Can you have a tent? Can you have somewhere for the guests to get some shade before they get seated? Can you have water or other cool beverages for them? Those plastic folding chairs aren’t the most comfortable for sitting for long periods, especially in dressy clothing.

Well, there you have it, 5 more things you wouldn’t want if you were a guest at a wedding, and now you can avoid doing them to your guests. Realistically it would be best for every couple to put themselves in the shoes of their guests. It’s hard to do for a couple of reasons. First, it’s your wedding day, so it’s all about you, right? Sort of. The ceremony is all about you, but the reception is a celebration of your union, so throw a great party for your friends and family. When you throw a party for your friends and family, you make sure they have a great time. The other reason it’s hard to put yourself in their shoes is that you’re not them. You eat different foods. You enjoy different music. You like different design and décor. Quite simply it’s hard to please everyone, so don’t try to, but do try to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome (which is why I advocate using a professional wedding planner, that’s what they do so well and they can help you navigate these murky waters).

I’m sure you’re going to have a wonderful wedding ceremony and reception. Let’s have your guests raving about how yours was the first wedding they’ve ever felt really welcomed and a part of it. Now, wouldn’t that be nice.

Alan Berg has over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry and has au­thored three books, “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?,” “Don’t Paint The House” and “Your Attitude for Success.” Learn more at

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Preserve It!

We can already hear you!  You’re saying, “Yah, yah…I’ll get to that someday.”  But really, there’s no need to wait for someday because it is SO EASY!  Here’s the 411:

  • Maybe your daughter will wear it, maybe she won’t, but all the same you want your gown to be clean, preserved and packed away for storage.  You spent good money on your dream gown, so make sure it’s kept in the best condition possible.
  • The longer stains remain on fabric, the more difficult it becomes to remove them.  Most likely, any stain on your dress can be completely removed if taken care of within a reasonable amount of time.
  • The only extra trip you need to take is the one that brings your gown to us!  You leave us your shipping address and we take care of the packaging and shipping to Memories Gown Preservation ( for you.  That’s it!  They clean, preserve and mail your gown back to you inside a viewing box within 2-4 weeks, and the cost is only $185.

And there you have it…told you it was easy!  Don’t let your precious wedding dress remain in a state of dishevel…bring her in!

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