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History of the Ring

Historically speaking, the engagement process was just as important as the wedding itself…of course marriages use to be for the purpose of politics or business, thus the engagement was all about negotiations.  Romantic, huh?  Well, let’s just thank our lucky stars we don’t have to endure things like family reimbursement, ownership transfers and net worth!  Besides, since we now marry because we love, we not only get to spend the rest of our life with our best friend, but with that, comes the awesome tradition of the wedding ring…DOUBLE SCORE!!

The wedding band symbolizes eternal love because it has neither a beginning or end.  Rings were first made from circlets of grass that decorated a bride’s wrists and ankles…another tradition that has evolved in our favor!  Whether a simple gold band or an elaborate display of “bling”, few, if any, couples ever wed without exchanging rings.  We couldn’t imagine a ceremony without rings…talk about ho-hum!  Afterall, what would we brag on if we didn’t have our rings?  JUST KIDDING guys…of course we have you to brag on first and foremost and forever (wink, wink)!

Your New Beginnings Bridal Studio Team