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Do Couples Still Register?

YES!!!  Couples still register, but what has changed is the variety of stores that now provide this service.  Gift registries not only give you the ability to provide well thought out information on your needs and wants but are an awesome service for your guests as well.  It gives them assurance that what they give will not only be warmly recieved, but eliminates the “duplication” aspect substantially.

Since the items on your registry will be a part of your life for years to come, make sure you do not choose in haste!  Get the groom’s input and take your time.  Just make sure you complete the list a few weeks before your first pre-wedding event.  If you have many out-of-town family and friends, you may want to make sure your registry has the ability of national access, whether that be online or a country wide retail chain.  Most all registries are electronic, which makes purchases easy to track.

Many registries have invitation cards available to you, but according to etiquette experts, it is still not a proper invitation if you include registry information.  It is better to go online and set up a wedding website where you can easily include registry information within the pages of your site.  Put the website address on the invitation so that guests can check out all of your fun postings and access all the information they will need.

Happy Gift Selecting!!

Your New Beginnings Bridal Studio Team


Shower Themes

Every week, it seems, we hear about a new themed shower for a lucky bride and/or couple.  If you are planning to host a shower, here are some interesting party ideas we’ve heard about.

Around the World.  Food served would be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from many countries.  Gift ideas would include maps, travel accessories, gifts for the home with an international flavor, ethnic food stuffs from places the couple plan to visit, photo albums.

Nature’s Wonder.  The perfect theme for couples that enjoy activities in the out of doors.  Plan to hold the shower at a picnic site with a campfire.  Foods are picnic fare and gifts are certificates for outdoor providers, camping equipment, comfortable outdoor clothing, cooking equipment, backpacks and perhaps a cookbook made up of camping recipes from friends.

Gardening.  A great opportunity to gift a couple that love to dig and watch things grow or who are fans of “organic foods”.  Gifts could include gardening tools, hats, gloves, seed packets, favorite plants, watering cans, reference books and cuttings from friend’s gardens.

Hospitality.  A party themed evening for the bride/bridal couple as guests shower her/them with wine bottles, various cheeses, unusual or favorite beers and serving glasses to match the wine or beer gifts, and serving pieces.

Tools/Gadgets.  An especially wonderful theme for a couple who shares these interests.  Items to be gifted can come from hardware, home improvement or interior design stores and catalogues.  Guests should try for both the unusual and the basics.

If you find yourself stuck for other party ideas, send us an email and we would be happy to brainstorm with you!